Microsoft Released Windows Vista Ultimate Extras – January 29, 2007

Two Ultimate Extras were released by Microsoft on Monday, January 29, 2007 for Windows Vista Ultimate edition. You can only install Ultimate Extras on Windows Vista Ultimate editions. The Ultimate Extras released are BitLocker and EFS enhancements and Hold Em Poker Game.


Microsoft has released newer versions of BitLocker and EFS enhancements and Held’Em Poker. More Details.

BitLocker and EFS enhancements

Hold Em Poker Game


Updating your Windows Vista System

Please keep your computer up to date with Critical and Important updates by using the Windows Update feature in Windows Vista (refer to Checking for Updates on Windows Vista Manually blog article for help) or by visiting Microsoft Update. If you experience any problems with Microsoft Security updates then please call Microsoft support for help. There will be no charge for support on Security Updates.

Microsoft has set up newsgroups for self-support. If you need help for Security updates or any other updates that is issued by Microsoft then please visit the Windows Update newsgroup at using your newsreader news://

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