Using ERUNT to back up the Windows XP Registry

ERUNT is a great utility to backup and restore the Windows XP Registry. I would highly suggest to anyone to back up the Windows Registry before making manual changes to the Windows XP Registry. In some cases, changing the wrong registry entry may cause your computer havoc or possibly cause the computer to start Windows XP.

Download and install ERUNT

Creating a Backup Copy of the Windows XP Registry

  1. Start ERUNT using your Start Menu. You should see an ERUNTwindow like the image below.

  2. Grab a piece of paper and write down the backup location. In this example, the backup location is c:\windows\erdnt3-01-2007. Click OK to continue with the registry backup. Refer to Image below.

  3. If the folder does not exist then let ERUNT create the folder for you by clicking Yes. Refer to Image below.

  4. You should see a window like the image below when ERUNT is backing up the Windows Registry.

  5. ERUNT has completed the Windows XP Registry backup. Click OK to exit ERUNT.  Refer to Image below.

Restoring the Windows XP Registry When ERUNT Was Used to Backup the Windows XP Registry

If you ever need to restore the Windows XP Registry then please follow the steps below.

  1. This is where we will need the location of the ERUNT backup. From the example above, the location is c:\windows\erdnt3-01-2007. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to:


  2. Double-click ERDNT.EXE located in the c:\windows\erdnt3-01-2007 folder to start the restore process. Click OKto restore the Windows XP Registry. Refer to Image below.


  3. When ERUNT has finished restoring the Windows XP Registry from your backup then ERUNT will ask you to reboot/restart your computer. Make sure you restart your computer at this time. When the computer has restarted then your Windows XP Registry Restore has completed.

Version 1.3
Edited: May 2, 2012