Enabling Windows 7 Task Scheduler History

Windows 7 Task Scheduler history is disabled by default out-of-the-box and you may want to enable the history feature.

Enabling History for Task Scheduler

  1. Open an elevated Task Scheduler, refer to “Opening Windows 7 Task Scheduler” blog post.
  2. In the Actions pane, click Enable All Tasks History.

    Enabling Windows 7 Task Scheduler History

Platforms Tested

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition
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Version 1.3
Edited: April 12, 2014


5 Responses to Enabling Windows 7 Task Scheduler History

  1. Nirasha says:

    Is it possible to enable one task history, and not all task history. I need to enable this for System restore.

    Thanks in advance.

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  3. gary says:

    I don’t see any checkboxes or anything else labeled “Enable All Task History” under the Action tab of the task properties. I’m supposed to select the task, open its properties and look in the Action tab. right?

  4. Borc Liath says:

    Right click the Task Scheduler Library node and you will see “Enable All tasks History”

  5. Pearl says:

    Thank you for this tip!

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