Enable Preview Desktop (Enhance ‘Show Desktop’) in Windows 7

When hovering over the Show Desktop panel on the taskbar in Windows 7 will show you the arrangement of open windows if Aero is running. Sometimes this can be pain, you can disable this feature and retain the original functionality of Show Desktop.

Windows 7 - Preview Desktop (Show Desktop)

Enabling Preview Desktop

  1. Right-click Show Desktop panel to check Preview Desktop.

Enabling Preview Desktop Using Regedit


Modifying the Window 7 Registry may result in an unbootable computer or a malfunctioning application due to an incorrect modification.

  1. Open Windows 7 Registry Editor.
  2. Navigate to:


  3. Right-click DisablePreviewDesktop to select Modify.
  4. Enter a value of 0 to disable Preview Desktop functionality.
  5. Close Windows 7 Registry Editor.
    Type: DWORD
    Value: 0

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Version 1.2
Edited: April 11, 2014


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