Dismount a VHD file in Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 enables users to dismount a VHD file using the Disk Management snap-in. VHD files are Virtual Hard Drives used by Microsoft Virtual PC and Microsoft Virtual Server.

Dismount a VHD File – Using Disk Management

  1. Click Start Orb.
  2. Type:

  3. Right-click mmc to select Run as Administrator to open the snap-in.

    Start Menu - Launch Microsoft Management Console Elevated

  4. From the File menu select Add/Remove snap-in….

    Windows 7 - Add Microsoft Management Console Snap-In

  5. Select Disk Management and click Add.

    Windows 7 - Add Disk Management to Microsoft Management Console Snap-In

  6. Ensure Local Computer is selected and click Finish.

  7. Ensure Disk Management is added as a Snap-In and click Ok.

  8. Right-click the Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) to select Detach VHD.

  9. Click Ok.

Mounting a VHD File – Using Command Prompt

  1. Open an Elevated Command Prompt, see “Elevate a Command Prompt in Windows 7” for help.
  2. Type:


  3. Type:

    select vdisk file=c:\VHD\Vista.vhd

  4. Type:

    detach vdisk

  5. Type:


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Edited: April 11, 2014


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