Vista Build 5308

Currently installing Microsoft Vista Build 5308 on my MSI Machine.

My computer is a home built machine that consists of a MSI PT880 motherboard, P4 3.0 GHz processor with Hyperthreading capabilities. One gigabyte of RAM, 2 hard drive (160 gigabyte drive and 200 gigabyte drive). These drives are partition into 4 partions, so I have a total of 8 partitions. On my first drive Windows XP Professional is installed on the 1st partition. Vista Build 5308 is installing on third partion of the second hard drive. I should also add these hard drives are IDE drives.

I was a little disappointed with Vista 5270 but what do you expect, it is after it is Beta. Vista has not reached Beta 2 quality as of yet but I am sceptical about Build 5308.

When the install has completed I will post some screen shots and talk about what I like and what I do not like. I also may start a little blog at, my business web site.

Signing off.

Version 1.1
Edited: June 14, 2007


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